Something about me!


I am an Information technology consultant with engineering background.

I have 15 years of experience in Oracle ERP with multiple fortune 500 Organizations including Oracle, IBM, Accenture. I have worked on integrating/architecting complex HCM and Finance systems for Hightech and Retail industry. My area of expertise includes digital strategy, Cloud Solutions, Oracle Human Capital Management and multiple systems that supports the HCM world.

Key Competencies:

     Business Solutions:
        Oracle E-Business Suite
     Web Technology:
        HTML, PHP, JSP(Design & Development)
     Content Management Systems:
        Joomla and Drupal
     Mobile Technology:
        Android App Design & Development

I am passionate about:

   * Performence
   * Art
   * Photography

   * Education: Bachelor of Engineering
   * Major: Information Technology
   * Occupation:
        Business Analyst Cum Solution Architect
   * Industry: Information Technology
   * Company: Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd.
   * Company Website:

  * Email: Contact Me
  * Address: Minneapolis, US

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Khwaja Hassan